Sunday, March 13, 2011

Couple pillowcase Personalized

Get your own pillowcase with your name and dream on it~
Example (sold out)
This is an example of a couple pillowcase ordered by my lovely friend for her sister who's going to marries~

Sanitary pad

Feel shy holding your pad around??? Get a nice holder for your pad


Need a sleeve for your phone??? wanna be unique????


Hair comb

Wanna be pretty like a bridal???? wanna be the most beautiful bridal with the best memories????

My own brand~~!!! Wahahahaha

My first ever own brand!!! But, i don't use it on every product
My own first name card design by myself!!!! Love it!!!

Love series

This is a passport holder which hold up to two passport....
Imagine you hold the passport of your beloved??? How sweet it is~
Gonna produce more different design~
Inner part

Personalize key chain

Wanna get your own key chain??? Its personalized and I stitch it on~

Baby bibs

Get this for your lovely baby~
It help to keep your baby warm

Handmade button

Get this button and used it on everywhere!!! Its so lovely...

Lucky Bear (sold out)

House for ur key~

Piggy ( sold out )

House for ur key

House for your Key

Wanna get a house for ur key???

It helps to keep your stuff from scratch
Help you to find your key easily from your handbag~
Differentiate your key from your family, so you won't mix up ^.^

The inner part

Tissue holder + phone holder

want a multi purpose holder like this???

Pencil box

Want a pencil box different from others???

Rabbit hairband

Want a rabbit style hair hand on easter??? or fashion??? get this

sample for this.....but, u can also use it as rabbit ear rather than a ribbon~


I've lots of choice of hair accessories but i took all of them in one photo~ They are lovely, aren't they???


Hey I'm Mini mushroom...welcome to my world and grab me back~
I'm as big as a bottle cap... wonder how cute am i??? take me back and you will know ^-^

Card holder

Wow....lots of different type of card holder....
It keep up to 20 card slot.... let all your card sleep inside~


Wan a warm and sexy scarf on your neck??? Get this~!

Panty or????

Guess what??? Is this a panty??? NOPE!!! It's my handbag/multi purpose bag.....

Brown---SOLD OUT

It can fit in iphone, ipod and others.

Colourful treat~

Lots of colour and design for tissue holder.
Bring them along and keep them warm in your lovely handbag.

Romance Rose

All these are memo clip made from clothes-pin!!!

Use them on papers, chip clips, clip cards or tags to gift bags, and a lot more~ Play with your imagination~