Saturday, September 3, 2011


How do Yomi come from??? Hehe.... I'm Kiyomi therefore my little baby was name as Yomi~
She's a little one who wanna share all her love and happiness with everyone

Pink forest

Wanna be sweet? Let me bring u to have a tour around in Pink forest with little polka~

Wanna have a ride to London?

I love London, the history, the culture.... The story of romance paris...

 Weather in perth... look down n sad.... anyway, my bags looks like it is smiling~

 Big enough for lots of stuff....
There's a story behind this bag, it was inspired by ''yuan bao''. It means money and gold in the old time china. We still use it as decoration nowadays in chinese culture

Little Owl

Hoot Hoot!!! Here I come!



Love story? Sending ur care?


Velvet hp pouch

Fans of G? I love this velvet~


Love vintage

The combine of lovely charm and polka dots


Patchwork rose

How do I look like??? It took me more than 5 hour for this little rose, how blossom it is. Purity of white