Thursday, February 23, 2012

Preparation for 4 March

Some preparation for 4 March. Love it?

Sock Dragon

2012, Dragon Year in Lunar Calendar
There's 12 creature chosen in Lunar Calendar n it will be change every year.
1 Mouse
2 Cow
3 Tiger
4 Rabbit
5 Dragon
6 Snake
7 Horse
8 Goat
9 Monkey
10 Chicken
11 Dog
12 Pig

Happy Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year back in my country--- Malaysia.
A place full of love, a food paradise, a warm environment...  A home I love.
CNY means a lot to Chinese. Getting everyone together, celebrating, sharing happiness, laughing...

Little basket to put some red packet or sweet, to welcome everyone

Valentine order

Some Valentine preparation. I hope those lucky receiver would love all their present.
I prepared with my love n heart..... sending the warmest regard

Naked Doll??? Haha

Still naked.... Gonna get the clothes done..... but, I don wanna wear on any clothes.... It's summer now n its pretty hot....!!!!
Let's have a sneak peek at my photo....

TADAAAA with my shoe on~


Seems like i'm having a long long holiday.... I'm gonna upload all my handmade within this 3 month~ stay tune~