Saturday, November 5, 2011


在澳洲已经一年多了,这一年多里,我学到了珍惜,我得到了学问,却失去的更多,我想念一家人的欢笑,我想念全家人聚在一起分享自己的故事。。。 有时候也会有不愉快的时候,可是心连心,永远不会有隔夜仇。。。 不要记住不快乐,多想想他们为你所做的都是成就了现在的你。。。
我给了小女孩糖果,可她并不是很快乐,我问她怎么了。。。 她的回答让我微笑了,她告诉我有好的东西必须和家人分享,问我可不可以多给她一些因为弟弟躺在婴儿手推车。。。 我感动了。。。 我真的很想和每一位我爱的人分享所有快乐,我学到了,当你有金钱,又知识又怎样? 如果没有人好分享你会真的快乐吗???

Life is just like a game, you are one of the character dancing inside... Time flies fast... Just a step of movement may change your whole life...
I choose to further my studies in Perth n been here for more than 1 year... I've learnt a lot which I can't learn from any books...
Treasure family... I miss them, I miss everyone, I miss the time when we gather around n share our stories...
Last week I went to Little feet festival to volunteer for Therapy focus, I love it, I love every smile as feedback, sometimes there's things to precious in life rather than non stop finding way study n way to earn money... Take a break and help someone who can share their love and happiness with you...
A little girl wasn't happy even though I've gave her some sweet, it is curious when a kids wasn't happy even she's holding some sweet. She told me happiness means to share with your love one, she request for more sweet to share with her brother who was sitting in a baby stroller... I was so touch, I gave her more n looking at her sharing with her lovely brother who smile happily... It is useless even though you got lots of good stuff with you when you can't even find someone who can share your happiness with... Without love and care will you be happy from your bottom of your heart???

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