Saturday, June 9, 2012

First time posting a tutorial, please forgive me if there's any mistake or any unclear message. This will be great for scrap fabric. You can even make this together with your love one. You don't need any sewing skill to do this craft. It's just a 10 easy step. Well, let's get started!

Material needed:
-Pair of scissor
-Few paper clip
-UHU all purposed glue
-Double sided tape
-Fabric (Little piece)

Step one :
-Prepare a piece of fabric (Recommended size 8cm*5cm).
-Cut a strip of double sided tape and stick on the middle of the fabric.

Step two :
-Peel off and fold both side of the fabric to stick on.
*While you fold down left side, remember to leave some space for the right side to stick on too.  

Step three :
- Cut another small strip of double sided tape and stick on the top, place in the middle.

Step four :
-Fold in both side again. Same step as the one above.

Step five :
-Prepare another strip for the middle that will be used to wrap the bow.  (Recommended size 5cm*2cm)
-Use the same method, cut a strip of double sided tape in the middle and fold the side to prevent fringe from coming out.

Step six :
-Fold the bow tie to the shape you wanted, apply glue on the end of the small piece of fabric.

Step seven :
-Hold the shape and press it to stick on and wrap around.
- You need to squeeze the bow together. 

Step eight :
-You will get this result when the fabric is patch on. Used the prepared U paper clip, place on the middle and pull out the access fabric.
-Apply a bit of glue to let the paper clip stay on.

Step nine : 
-Fold the end of the fabric to prevent the fringe as well.
-Apply glue on the top and press down the fabric to cover the paper clip.
-Make sure don't apply too much glue to prevent leaking.


Thanks for visiting and take your time to finish this tutorial!  I hope you enjoy the tutorial! Don't hesitate to email me if you have any question, I'm happy to answer and help out. Lastly, I would absolutely love it if you would love to send me a picture of any paper clip that you make with different size and fabric. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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